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  • 256 full colour pages dripping with gorgeous art
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  • Universal rules, rewarding player ingenuity – there’s never just one way to resolve an action
  • Brutal, fast-paced combats favouring strategy, cunning and surprise rather than brute strength – diplomacy, charm and other social skills are not just important, they’re the difference between life and death
  • A richly detailed world of seething community politics, war, ambition, survival and desperate choices, loaded with story hooks to aid Narrators in creating epic scenarios and campaigns
  • Sample characters and a sample scenario to get you started
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~ Outbreak ~

The virus swept through the world like a flood, bringing with it mass death, war and anarchy. It killed most of its victims, but those who survived its ravages were changed.

In their eyes was only hunger, and animal rage. They hunt you now, on the fringes of a fractured society, which lives on in ragged towns and hardy nations, defying bandits, cannibals, crazies and the ravages of the virus.

The question you must ask yourself now is:
when the world falls, will you try to save it, or help it burn?

Infected Zombie RPG Cover

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~ Setting the Scene ~

After the Fall

Society took years to collapse. The virus killed hundreds of millions, probably billions, but it was famine, war and anarchy that did the rest. In their bid to wipe out the plague, armies gradually destroyed the very cities they were trying to save. The Infected grew numerous, but they were not enough to overwhelm society.

No, it was us that did that. Years on now, and the world is a very different place. Society still exists, but it’s a new Dark Age. Dozens of towns, villages and so-called “cities” all live within the ruins of what were once single cities. Trade roads wend through the eerie, rotting streets.

These are desperate times. Out there are all manner of people – crazies, burners, cannibals, and more bandits than you could shake a stick at. And then there are the Infected. As cunning as wolves, they live on the fringes, in the dark places, from where they can strike and feed. Their numbers are usually low – though numerous enough to pick off stragglers.

But there are others too, people who keep the world going. Couriers ferry crucial supplies and information from one settlement to the next, traders journey the long roads from town to town, peddling their wares, soldiers patrol the ruins and protect their people. And countless normal people make do, day after day.

A Game of Depth

Infected! Zombie RPG is about far more than just survival, horror and zombies. It spans dozens of genres – political, intrigue, spy, action, suspense, horror, survival, war and more. This is about more than merely surviving day to day – this is the story of humanity climbing out of the ashes. What form will its new society take? Will anarchists and brigands rule, or will decent people bring back an actual civilization worthy of the name?

What choices will you make?

“One sneeze and you worry. Two sneezes and you reach for your mask.
Three sneezes and you reach for your gun. I don’t care if you’ve only got the flu, I ain’t taking chances.”

– Zacharias the Preacher

~ How it Works ~

Universal Game System

Using the intuitive and fluid Immersion RPG game system, the rules for Infected! Zombie RPG can be easily adapted for any situation, and any game setting. Though this current incarnation is more slanted towards the modern day, the full rules can be easily used for fantasy, sci-fi, historical, or really any game you want to play.

Rules Medium

The Immersion RPG system is halfway between a rules-light game and a rules-heavy game. So, you could say it’s Rules Medium! There is enough detail that your characters will never be the same as each other, no matter what career or path they pursue. There are also subtleties to the characters and rules which are not always available in a rules-light setting, but the system also retaining enough fluidity that the story never slows. It is ideal for quick-witted Narrators who like to improvise and let the characters attempt whatever they wish.


Characters in Infected! do not have a particular class. Rather, they are people, with their own histories, skills, strengths and weaknesses. Their occupation may influence their skill selection and particular abilities, but it is not going to dictate which direction your character wants to go.

Nonlinear Progression

Characters can advance in whichever way you want. You could learn to sweet-talk your way out of a fight, or get right in there and train yourself in the finer art of breaking faces – the choice is yours.

Adaptable to Your Style of Play

Want to change the game a bit? Want things super realistic and harsh? Or perhaps more heroic, with the player characters cutting through swathes of Infected at every turn? Well now you can. The Immersion RPG system has options to make it adaptable to your style of play.

2D10 Rolls

Most rolls in Immersion RPG use 2D10 to determine actions (some occasionally use more or less). Successes are scale-able, meaning a higher roll is substantially better than a lower roll, rather than merely a win/fail resolution – e.g. if you hit your opponent well, chances are you’ll do more damage.


Real people advance their skills a bit at a time, slowly but steadily advancing their abilities day by day and week by week. As such, the Experience your character gains can be used to increase his traits in whichever way you wish. The higher the ability, the more the Experience cost, and the longer it will take you to learn.

A Game of Character Development

Your characters change and adapt as time goes on, and they live through their many harsh experiences. Only you can tell how these changes affect them. Will their morality drop out the bottom, or will they rise above it all? Will they do anything to survive, or is there a brink they will not cross?

~ Gallery ~

~ Free Sampler ~

Infected Zombie RPG Cover

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Get Free Sampler Copy of Infected Zombie RPG

“Sometimes fear can do strange things to people. When you’re out there, beyond the walls, and the Infected are coming for you…watch your back. Remember, to survive you only have to run faster than your friends. And you better believe that your friends know that too. You need trust out there, it’s true. But make sure you also have a healthy dose of paranoia.”

– Jeb the Scav

~ Behind the Curtain ~


Oliver Shead – Immersion Studios, Lead Designer, Writer and Art Director

A bestselling indie author, Oliver is a passionate gamer and writer, thrilled by the opportunity to share his creative worlds with you. Infected! is but the first in a series of game settings Oliver plans to unveil.

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Immersion Studios, Indie RPG Company

The creative umbrella for Immersion RPG and Infected! Zombie RPG. Our ambition is to give you the most intense, vivid and exciting gaming experience you’ve ever had.

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Andy Walsh – Graphic Artist

Andy Walsh is a freelance digital concept artist and illustrator based in Wales, UK.

Andy’s Website


Stuart Holbrook – Assistant Game Designer

Stuart is a highly experienced gamer, martial artist and writer, with his debut novel coming out shortly.

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Alexander Chelyshev – Graphic Artist

A freelance concept artist and illustrator who loves drawing and everything connected with it – specialising in sci-fi, fantasy and post-apocalyptic settings and characters.

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Bram ‘Boco’ Sels – Graphic Artist

Belgian artist and concept designer with projects across a broad range of clients, notably GRIN’s indie title Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries.

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